Sometimes it seems as if the God of Trends sends a bulk email to all the high street design studios with the subject line: ‘THIS SEASON YOU ARE ALL DOING…’

The new Contour antibacterial wallpaper (£18, Graham and Brown) is a good place to start, while Woop Studios is handy if you want to check you’ve got the right collective noun…

Let’s kick off this flappin’ flamingo fun with some SS12 high street finds…

1: M&S has done a fabulous embroidered cushion, £29.50; 2: The team at the recently re-vamped Habitat is thinking pink with this cute cushion; 3: Next is next; 4: Debenhams obviously got the memo, too. 5: Head to Rockett St George for Chloe Croft’s stunning silk flamingo cushion, £55; 6: Culture Label went for abstract feathers and a beady eye…

More strange long-legged birds… 1: ‘Flamboyant Florence’ art print, £36, The Little Picture Company; 2: Lou Rota‘s fabulous flamingo tableware, from £18 for a mug; 3: Famous flamingo print – American Flamingo, by John James Audubon, £29.99, All Posters. 4: Faux taxidermy treat – £36, Rockett St George. Bung him in a bell jar, I would; 5: Rice is all very nice, but I’m not sure about this coat hook from the new SS12 collection…!

1: Much prefer this letterpress print from Missive; 2: Or Coco de Paris; 3: The fun melamine range at M&S; 4: And Rory Dobner’s tile. I’ve ogled Cole and Son’s Flamingos for years – but why this sudden flamingo frenzy? Mr Pip McCormac says they represent ‘holidays and happiness’ in a time of recession. (In the same breath, he reminds us they’re ‘so stupid that they have to be actively helped by zookeepers not to break their own legs’. Tee hee!) The Darwin-esque thang is still rumbling around too of course – and let’s not forget that in the weird opium-induced world of Alice in Wonderland (all the rage around about the time this season’s ‘stuff’ was being ‘created’), flamingos were used as live croquet mallets. It’s not just homes either – the world of fashion is going ballistic for our feathered friends – Markus Lupfer’s sequinned jumper par example (saw a cheap ‘inspired-by’ version in Dorothy Perkins BTW) is flamingo-fabulous. Quack! (Do they even quack?) Let’s finish with a peep at the elegant wall art from Indira Albert:

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