Spent an unhealthy amount of time on the Astier de Villatte stand at Maison et Objet on Saturday. Heavenly tableware, cutlery, stationery and candles… but it’s the brand’s catalogue that’s got me in a tizz:

It’s a small, letterpress-printed bound book, complete with gorgeously poetic over-the-top French descriptions of the various candle scents (“…from trembling arcades rise delicious perfumes of white campion, privet flowers, wild jasmine and bitter orange with its acidic notes spiced with a hint of chilli…” etc). Luckily, there’s a translation at the back, but please read it aloud in husky French while reclining on a chaise longue, cheri, for the full effect…

I spent a VERY long time sniffing the new scented candles and admiring / stroking the pleasing new notebooks, which are decorated with lino-cut designs:

Mon dieu – that geometric red, white and blue candle! Sigh, sigh. If you haven’t seen the weird and wonderful Astier de Villatte website, do pop along – it’s one of the most creative and imaginative designs I’ve seen in a while – all Tarot cards, spinning globes and magical animations. Ooh la la.

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