It’s been a while, chums. Life is totally manic at the moment – hectic deadlines, wedding-planning, allotment strimming, DIY projects, general STRESS and a to-do list that never gets shorter. It’s all good fun but the end result is that blogging has been relegated to 9pm on a Friday night – tragic really. ANYWAY – have just stumbled across the new and very beautiful online shop Avec des Si and had to share it with you – despite the to-do list – for obvious reasons. Cue gushing blogger voice…

This new homeware shop is a carefully-edited selection of French vintage finds, all styled beautifully for the website by co-founder (and, of course, pro stylist) Karen Akhtar. She runs the shop with Sylvie Dovetta (a former lawyer and French native) and the name Avec des Si is taken from a French proverb: ‘Avec des si on mettrait Paris en bouteille’, which literally means: “With ifs, one could put Paris in a bottle” – basically, if anything could be true then anything would be possible – even squeezing gai Paris into a bottle (though Google Translate is not playing ball and my French A-Level is but a distant rêve, alas, etc.) ‘If wishes were horses then beggars would ride’ and all that…

Oh, what wonders await. This is faded grandeur at its best – elegant mirrors, unusual pieces of ancient furniture, kitchenalia – all shot against dark walls with more handwritten decorative chalk labels than you could shake a stick at – it’s a joy. Surely I don’t need any more small green Absinthe glasses? What’s that? I do? Of course I do.

Any shop that sells old Pastis bottles is OK in my book, however complicated their name is…

…and those numbered wooden hangers? Clearly essentials. As are the framed theatre programmes. SIGH. ‘Tis a winner. Bookmarked. Right, I’m off to obsessively eBay vintage wooden butter paddles. I’m not even joking. You know you’re nearly 30 when you spend your Friday night thus.

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2 Responses to AVEC DES SI – JE T’ADORE

  1. Michelle says:

    That is a beautiful site. I wouldn’t mind owning a couple of their pieces either. What a dream job to be scouring French markets for beautiful pieces.

  2. Lizzie Owen says:

    Oooh, absolutely LOVE. I’ve just been to the 2012 Salvo Fair at Stubbings – lots and LOTS of French salvaged bits and bobs that you’d also love – http://ow.ly/bLGIw

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