Titillating towers, ceramic armadillos and quivering copper stars – check out the new April issue of Homes & Antiques magazine for eight pages of wibbly wobbly fun… I loved writing this feature and chatted to some very passionate and helpful jelly experts … …keep reading

Clockwise from top left: 1950s ‘Tinsel Flitters’ – vintage glitter; Woollen mittens, hand-knitted in Iceland; Welsh blanket print oil cloth, Adra; French market basket liners I made using Wiltshire and Mitsi Tana Lawn fabric, Liberty.

Have been meaning to post this for some time… Torn from a 1959 magazine and now framed on our office wall. I love the colours – the pointy noses and their twinkly little eyes. If only we were all so … …keep reading

Ascending the filthy escalator at London Bridge underground station recently, inhaling mouse poo dust, my eyes (semi-focussed) scanned the usual adverts – Chicago the musical, teeth whitening clinics, vitamins, whisky, breast implants, yawn, snore, when – suddenly – a beautiful … …keep reading

It’s been a while, chums. Life is totally manic at the moment – hectic deadlines, wedding-planning, allotment strimming, DIY projects, general STRESS and a to-do list that never gets shorter. It’s all good fun but the end result is that … …keep reading

Just back from a VERY relaxing holiday in Wales, the Cotswolds then France seeing friends and family, walking and having a much-needed break from work. Found some amazing junk shops in (who’d have thought it) Evesham, and was taken on … …keep reading

Lisa Levis – the artist formerly known as Lisa Stickley (BTW it’s Levis as in Nevis, not Levis as in jeans…let’s clear that up right now) sits at her white-painted 1950s desk in a stylish studio on the first floor … …keep reading

Ooh, my new website is finally live and the photo that the clever Mr Andrew Woods took of my vintage tat looks very pleasing: If only my actual desk looked as lovely as this IRL (as they say). *stares blankly … …keep reading