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The interview does not begin well. My iPhone battery is low, so I use my landline, usually strictly reserved for friends and family. When I call her, she doesn’t pick up, but calls me straight back, just as I am … …keep reading

As Petronella lifted the woven Ikat bolster in tangerine and anthracite, searching in vain for the sofa, the dog – and her son – she began to wonder if perhaps her Cushion Problem had returned…  

Channel what? Speidi who? Obviously, I have NEVER seen it (cough) but apparently, there’s nothing Z-list about the blankets in the Celebrity Big Brother house this season. Joining the product placement revolution is the Welsh woollen mill we all know … …keep reading

The older I get, the less stuff I want. Over the past few years, my taste has become simpler and more specific. As my work life continues to speed up and I spend more hours than ever before in front … …keep reading

As every bargain hunter knows, sometimes you have to go the extra mile to get the best deals. And, sometimes, you have to get on a train to the arse end of Ballards Lane in NW12-or-something in freezing fog. In … …keep reading

SO, Pippa Middleton’s £400,000 advance is in the bank and her first book Celebrate now graces bookshops around the globe. (Band wagon. Jumping on, blah blah.) Here are my personal highlights: The picnic people wearing pink chinos on pages 370-371. Particularly the … …keep reading

…hundreds of ‘em. Why do I keep them? Why are they cluttering up my office gathering dust? (More to the point, why don’t I get rid of that dreadful shabbier-than-chic cupboard I ‘up-cycled’ using chicken wire eight years ago, that … …keep reading

This is, to be fair, a rather random post, containing some rather random photos I took of some rather random little items with very pretty packaging that I picked up for pence in Thailand recently… This was 3p and contains … …keep reading

“OK, so Sven should have measured up in advance, but we have no budget to re-shoot, guys. Either we: a.) remove the skirting board, b.) lose the radiator, or c.) just make a feature of this f*ck up and get … …keep reading

SO, Justin Timberlake has ‘curated / designed’ a homeware collection with his former stylist, Estee Stanley (the woman behind those famous marionette costumes back in the days when he was in boy band NSync) and, yes, the name ‘HomeMint‘ is … …keep reading