The young fire station dweller who made kitsch crystal drinks decanters cool again with his elegant lighting designs has now transformed the humble lightbulb…

…Crystal Bulb (£109) by Lee Broom is on display in his Milan ‘pub’ right now. Let’s face it: Up until recently, bulbs were a bit, well, boring, so it’s great to see that Mr Broom has created beautiful bulbs, proving that shades are SO last decade, dahling. Each one is hand-made by skilled artisans at Cumbria Crystal – and the filament is removable for replacement. I guess the current craze for skeletal or non-existent light coverings means bulbs have to look a bit better now. When Plumen released their extremely gorgeous but eco-friendly (and affordable) bulbs it was a game-changer – and there are a whole host of vintage-style bulbs available now with interesting filaments, but these are by far the most beautiful bulbs I’ve seen so far. Bought a beauty of a bulb? Don’t spoil the impressive effect with shitty fittings; You can find traditional braided flex here, and coloured cable here.

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