Just back from Stockholm where I ate fish eggs, saw Gary Barlow and realised that everybody in Sweden looks exactly like Legolas. I also had a peep at the new H&M Home AW12 range and very nice it is, too. Found out: Swedish people always use two single duvets on a double bed (very sensible really) and H&M Home is launching in America this autumn! Americans, gaze upon these wonders and rejoice, for Hennes = pennies…

The first big look for AW12 is glamorous Art Deco Bling – think elegant 1920s-inspired patterns, latticework, gold, purple and bronze. It’s all very The Great Gatsby and refreshingly opulent compared to the pared-back looks of late. 1: Sequinned, glittering metallic accessories; 2: Amazing silk-effect cushions that look as though they’ve been sewn using vintage scarves; 3: Pretty glass tea light holders in bronze, gold and silver; 4: Luxurious bed linen with a 1920s-style print; 5: A bath mat. Yes, I know.

Look two is Navajo Chic – all rustic North American Indian patterns, Wild West horse motifs and sacking. Lots and lots of sacking. Nice to see the old Sel de Mer cushions are still going strong; First they were beige, then they were white, then dark grey, and now they’re orange and green! Yeee haaaaaah!

1: Bath mats and towels in Navajo-inspired prints are all very well, but it’s the little numbered wall hooks that have got me really excited; 2: This Navajo blanket is super-soft; 3: Another classic cushion reappears, this time in a vintage-denim-effect fabric; 4: I liked these numbered candlesticks, too.

Fancy florals? There’s a lovely new collection of bold ‘Bohemian Caravan’ designs – all trailing roses, big blooms and bright colours. 1&2: Bed linen sets; 3&4: Bargainous cushions (like, £9.99 each); 5: Floral bedspread with delicate stitching, £59.99.

There’s a new children’s collection, too, with a woodland theme. Possibly inspired-by our friend Donna Wilson me thinks, but very cute all the same. 1: Log storage container; 2: LOVE letters, £7.99; 3: Bear bed linen set; 4: Bear cushion; 5: Wolfie cushion; 6: Log cushion.

Lastly, H&M Home has designed a new range of cute nursery accessories, due to launch this autumn. 1: Soft blankets in shades of grey. Sigh; 2: Cardboard signs with fabulous fonts; 3: Le petit bébé cushion, aw, bless; 4: Little star quilt; 5: Cot bed linen set for £24.99 – super-sweet and a lot classier than most baby kit.

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3 Responses to H&M HOME: AW12 PREVIEW

  1. Marianne says:

    Oh the baby set looks very cute. And a little bling bling never hurt nobody !

    (lol Legolas)

  2. Ohhh, I like! Lots! H&M are brilliant at coming up with designs that look a lot more high-end than they are I think… for example the throws in the first picture look really nice quality. Hope you had a great time – and I agree about the two single duvet thing – when I discovered that, suddenly having one big duvet to share sounded like the most stupid idea ever!

  3. Bianca says:

    I love the Art Deco Bling thing, and I think I may take a pair of scissors to the double duvet now……!

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