…hundreds of ‘em. Why do I keep them? Why are they cluttering up my office gathering dust? (More to the point, why don’t I get rid of that dreadful shabbier-than-chic cupboard I ‘up-cycled’ using chicken wire eight years ago, that I never, ever liked, even in the most disturbing floral depths of my shabby-chic ‘phase’?)

In these days of Pinterest and PDFs – do I really need an enormous chronological archive of old paper magazines that I’ve either written for or read? I never look at them. Should I just shred the lot? Make a feature of them by stacking them around the room / under a glass coffee table / in one massive arty pile (tried that already – it just slowly toppled over)? Or whack them up in the attic in sealed plastic boxes so I can look at them again in 50 years…? I can’t really decide. Hence, I’ve got issues. Still.

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  1. Julie says:

    I too have issues, including my mother’s old ones thing back to the 80s…although I have to say I am completely in awe of how organised yours are. Mine are definitely of the “spread randomly around the house” variety!

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