Tweed fabrics, fox motifs, faux fur, pocket watches, numbered vases and industrial-style furniture – the new Clerkenwell collection at M&S (due out mid-July 2012) is a cosy combination of gentlemanly checks, burnt orange knitted accessories and chunky, utilitarian wooden and metal pieces…

The other key new look was: ‘Caravan’ – brightly-coloured Uzbek-inspired motifs, which are called ‘Suzoni’ in the look book, though I’m pretty sure it’s ‘Suzani’. Either way, I love this range – particularly beautiful with smart grey walls – very ‘Graham and Green’ – and refreshingly cheery:

Much as I love this shot, let’s not pretend that postcards and photos will stick to a steamy bathroom wall for more than three minutes…

Now, THAT is a statement shower curtain! Much more practical than introducing pattern to a bathroom with wallpaper.

I’ve got my eye on the pure wool Caravan rug (£129) and the massive hammered metal bowl (£55). And now to Conran, one of the strongest high street collections, which seems to get better every season…

I really like these small wall mirrors (£29.50 each) which hang on chains like vintage ones – they look fabulous grouped together. The new Hepworth desk and McKenzie chair are super-stylish, too:

Check out this cloche table light (£129), which you can fill with your own ‘objets’ for a display (I like these little chess people, worshipping the bulb God) and fun clamp book ends (£12 each).

My favourite item has got to be this new cluster light (£75), though. What stunning colours!


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