Obviously, I have ancient pyjamas on because I work from home impossibly skinny, bare legs and am wearing hand-knitted slightly-slouchy chunky woollen socks, a linen smock and frilly knickers despite the draught. I hold a cold coffee hand-thrown stoneware mug of piping hot chocolate to warm my hands in my cramped south London house remote, rudimentary Welsh cottage / romantic, tiled Moroccan riad / etc. I am waiting for my grumpy husband who has popped out to Tesco Metro for some milk a traditional ‘Working Man’ who has gone out, wearing big boots and, natch, nice knitwear, to do something very manly indeed in The Great Outdoors such as fell a tree / wrestle a bear / climb Everest / go deep sea fishing in a tiny vintage boat. He returns still grumpy, clutching semi-skimmed ruddy faced and draped in fishing nets, but still with pristine accessories and we order a takeaway then watch 8 Out of 10 Cats because we’re both knackered wrap up in elegant striped linen sheets and patterned quilts (that are ethnic yet somehow on-trend, fairly-traded and stitched from reclaimed, recycled, biodegradable sari silks) then TOAST homemade crumpets on our rustic log fire while the cat silently leaves another beheaded bloody mouse corpse on the kitchen floor the sea breeze gently caresses us and the full moon rises.

(Some highlights here from TOAST’s lovely Autumn Winter 2013 preview yesterday. My favourites included: wooden cake stands, terracotta vases and felted cushions – sighs all round.)

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4 Responses to THE TOAST EDIT

  1. Polly Rowan says:

    Hahahaha! This post is priceless, it made me laugh! So true, and we all wish we lived lives like that I’m sure! And Toast can help us pretend :)

  2. Jojo says:

    LOL this cheered up my lunch hour

  3. Bianca says:

    Only just read this – busy, busy, busy – but am so glad I did! Love it!

  4. I’ve just discovered your blog, and this post had me grinning like The Cheshire Cat. I too have these dreams of such a life, where reality can go on the back burner/aga, complete with cozy cottage . Well I can live this alternative lifestyle when I am in Cornwall , crafting away in above cozy cottage, in just a couple of weeks. Can’t wait!

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