Vintage wooden indian birds ellie tennantThese rather lovely hand-painted wooden birds belonged to my husband’s grandmother. Now, they’re propped up on a shelf in our home. They’re labelled, rather smartly, as: Some Indian Birds – and I’m relieved to see that they’re ‘approved by the Government of Mysore’, which sounds awfully official. I love the coral-coloured paper box almost as much as the birds themselves. Now I know what ‘The Southern Red Whiskered Bulbul’ looks like. Just in case.

vintage wooden birds indianmysore birds toy vintage

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  1. I realize this is such a tardy comment, I’m not particularly certain how I ended up here (oh, labyrinth that is a lazy afternoon on the Internet), although I do know I’ve read your book, “Design Bloggers at Home,” I digress. I was just thinking, “don’t you love how wonderfully aged even the packaging of old things are” and then of course I got to the part where you basically said the same thing! It is beautiful. I just bought a vintage box, along with a lobby card of some kind for a Buster-Keaton-esque 1920s silent film and a vintage photo of a high school wrestling team at one of my favorite local shops (where I spend way too much money, darn you, entire street of vintage and antique and handmade and fair-trade shops all in one glorious, bank-account draining row!) and if only whoever bought something in that box all those years ago, knew people would actually pay $$$ today for their old empty packaging, they might have had a laugh, but I love it, with it’s faded stripes and 1940s type.

    These birds are such a charming novelty!

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